Executive Council 2017-2018

The Society has concluded its Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the Society office in Complex Asia City on 25th February 2017.

Ms Karen Wong was elected as the President of the Society for the term 2017-2018.

The other members elected into the Executive Council are:

Vice President: Mr William Chu
Hon. Secretary: Mr Disney Lai
Hon. Treasurer: Mr Michael Tan
Committee Member: Mr Perry Chong, Ms Agnes Shin, Ms Flora Fung, Mr Kenny Lim, Encik Ahmad Hafeezi, Datin Nurul Umayra, Ms Chin Kui Jin and Ms Chan Mah Lai.
Immediate Past Prisident: Mr Kon Yuk Thiam
Internal Auditor: Mr Christopher Liew and Mr Voo Min Kiong
Returning Officer: Encik Isma Syafry Judin

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2010 Children Incentive Award

Highlight of the day?

foods foods foods

2010 Children Incentive Award

The Organisers

Ms Chan and Ms Chong

2010 Children Incentive Award

Group Photo

from the members

2010 Children Incentive Award

Incentive Recipient

presented by Dr. Muhiddin Yusin (Sabah State Education Director)

2010 Children Incentive Award

The Recipients

the brainy kids

2010 Children Incentive Award

The Roses

magnificent 7

2010 Children Incentive Award

Group Photo

from the children

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